A vegan Airbnb in the charming beach town of Port Stanley Ontario

This Is Us

We are Scott and Jen - the Slacks.  

We met on Canada day weekend in 2013 and have been a team ever since.  In 2016, we  moved to the beautiful and charming beach town of Port Stanley Ontario to begin the renovation of our cottage style home and have some amazing adventures and meet a lot of great new friends.

Before we had met, we had each independently adopted a serious love of cooking up wonderful food and serving up tasty meals. In the distant past, Jen placed in national recipe contests for Olivieri Pasta, Ocean Spray and Betty Crocker.  We love to do it all desserts and appetizers, mains from a wide variety of ethnicities including Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Thai, English, Canadian, Greek, Italian, German, French & more. 

After watching some eye-opening documentaries including Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives in 2016, and then doing more research, we have been exploring vegan food options to do our part to make the planet a better place for the animals, the planet and for our health.  Jen's passion in particular is to serve up yummy food to non vegans to show them how amazing it can really be to lose the animal products and focus on the lovely plants that nourish and satisfy the taste buds.

We decided we wanted to share our home with people who enjoy a great hospitality experience and wonderful vegan food.  We invite you to experience our food and our cool cottage in the beautiful & ever-so-charming beach town of Port Stanley and create some amazing and memorable experience that include the finest in vegan fare.

"We got soul but we're not soldiers.

We're called Slack but we're not slackers."